IP MultiViewer: Software Only, 2110, 2022-6/7, J2K, MPEG TS, OTT, DASH, HLS, HD/UHD In/Out , all in one

A TAG IP MultiViewer system with 10 channels or 1,000 channels or 3,000 channels – it’s the same, the exact same system. In terms of scalability, it’s no longer a discussion of how many inputs you have and how many tiles you can see on how many mosaic heads , the conversation is, “What do you need?” Because once you start using IP and true software solution, you get a lot more flexibility, and that flexibility provides the scalability. The market is really starting to understand that today when we speak about IP software only solution, the numbers are no longer an issue. It’s just how much COTS off-the-shelf gear you need to add, how many licenses you need to purchase, and that’s all.

So that’s an interesting point, I’m really curious then, the upper side of … You could really have like a 1,000 inputs?

Yes, yes, of course. We have Deutsche Telecom using 1,000 channels. Some U.S. companies we’re working with are using over 3,500 channels. It used to be that hardware solutions were a constraint thus, limited the workflow. But now, everything has changed. If you have a new contract with a sports facility or a transmission facility, for example, and you just need another 500 channels, all you need to do is just purchase one or two more servers and ask us for more licenses. Within about five minutes, you’re on air multiviewing and monitoring your content.