TAG V.S. – 2019 NAB Show Video Interview.

Ryan:                       Let’s talk about Tag V.S. and what you do and what you’re all about.

Abe Zerbib:          What we do is monitoring an IP multiviewer. It’s only IP, meaning we input IP, we process IP, and we output IP.

In the old days you were always speaking about, “Okay, how many inputs do you have and how many outputs you can see?” It’s no longer relevant when you deal with the IP world. The IP world, it’s, “How many do you need?” And you just need to calculate how much off-the-shelf hardware you need to run it.

Abe Zerbib:          As you can see here, everything, all the formats can live in the same multiviewer at the same time. We recently opened an office in the United States and recruited Bil Apker to be the VP of Sales.

Bil Apker:              One of our partners now, Arista, was like, “You need to go see the guys at TAG.” I mean, we got up there and started looking at the monitor and I’m like, “Oh, I know what this is. I’ve been doing this forever.” So, I’m very excited to be here. I’m very excited to see what we can do next.

Abe Zerbib:          I don’t know if the camera can see it, but everything that you see here on the wall, it’s running on small dongles. All the software and all the wisdom we provide, it’s on small dongles, and this is actually a game-changer in the industry.

But today, when you are basing your technology on off-the-shelf hardware, and you have just the software to run the off-the-shelf so they get it, and they’re starting to understand that the world has changed in that aspect.

Ryan:                       Abe Zerbib and Bil Apker of TAG V.S., thank you so much, and I wish you a really successful NAB Show.

Abe Zerbib:          Thank you so much, Ryan, good to see you.