OTT delivery of multi-channel TV to end customers is gaining popularity and is being deployed by traditional MSOs in very significant numbers.
Satellite, Cable and Telco operators are using OTT delivery to supplement and even replace their traditional delivery methods.

The relatively easy implementation and deployment (using existing CDN solutions), coupled with the ability to provide full feature bi-directional services, are fueling the rapid growth of the OTT market segment, which requires support for the most common delivery formats of HLS and MPEG-DASH. They also each have unique characteristics which call for monitoring, detecting and alarming, in addition to the standard MPEG-TS monitoring used in the content creation workflow.

The MCM-9000 with its support of HLS and MPEG-DASH provides a complete monitoring and Multiviewing solution for OTT platforms. It combines the traditional MPEG-TS support with the unique monitoring requirements of OTT (including the ability to decrypt and decode the content in the secure zone), and the full feature set of the MCM-9000 to provide a comprehensive OTT monitoring and Multiviewing solution.

ott multiviewer workflow

Guide- OTT Quality of Service Monitoring with Zer0 Compromise

To maintain high quality of experience for their customers, operators need a way to monitor hundreds—sometimes thousands—of channels without compromising real-time error detection. In most cases, the immense scale of their service offerings makes continual visual monitoring of all streams impossible. Fortunately, as operational workflows across the media industry have evolved to look more like true IP or IT workflows, it has become evident that the presence of errors across the delivery chain can be determined with sophisticated software solutions that minimize the need for human intervention.

Key Challenges

  • Large number of revenue critical live feeds
  • Complex processiung infrastructure (many moving parts) Distributed infrastructure some of which may be third party
  • Because of ABR, each feed now becomes 5-8 Feeds: More Scale.
  • Too many signals and monitoring points for "Traditional" Multi-Viewer based monitoring
  • Dealing with dynamic infrastructure for Occasional "Pop Up" Events
  • Not only video + audio but other critical elements such as CC/Subtitles and SCTE triggers

Key Solutions

  • High density probing and multiviewing capability
  • Can monitor 1000's of audio and video signals
  • Over 330 probing features
  • MPEG-TS and ABR, MPEG2, H.264 and H.265 codecs
  • Robust API's for easy integration with NMS and EMS systems
  • 100% Software on 100% COTS (off the shelf hardware)