One of the biggest challenges faced by multi-channel TV broadcasters, including Satellite, Cable, Telco operators and Teleports, is to monitor a large number of TV channels in the workflow chain at both inputs and outputs.

The ability to continuously monitor, display and alarm large numbers of channels in real-time for technical validity and overall compliance with the expected parameters and quality is a growing demand in the industry.

The commonly accepted and deployed infrastructures today employ IP transport to route the channels within the facility making it easy for IP devices to access and monitor all inputs and outputs of the facility, including the internal processing phases.

The MCM-9000 was designed and optimized to do just that while automating the process as much as possible. The MCM-9000 can combine[ all the MPEG transport streams at the Network representing the different channels/sources, analyze and alarm them to detect malfunctions, and create a mosaic display of the channels as an MPEG-TS that can be displayed internally throughout the facility or externally, as well as on mobile devices.

The MCM-9000 incorporates support for multiple encoding formats such as SD, HD, UHD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HEVC, J2K, etc. to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for compressed content, all in one device!


Guide- Optimizing Playout in IP-Based Workflows

AllĀ  video applications can benefit from software-based IP multiviewing, monitoring, and probing running on COTS software. Looking specifically at IP-based playout operations, the report covers topics including: Essential format support and how it brings flexibility to playout operations, Strategies for establishing effective probing for signals passing through playout, Critical requirements for ensuring interoperability and simplifying management, Scaling infrastructure to match evolving processing requirements.

Key Challenges

  • Large Number of inputs and outputs to be managed (channels and monitoring points)
  • Mixture of uncompressed and compressed signals to monitor
  • Operator overload due to channel count and monitoring points
  • UHD support
  • Integration with 3rd party logging and NMS system

Key Solutions

  • Probing and visualization at scale in the same solution
  • Manages both uncompressed (ST-2110, ST 2022-6) and Compressed signals (MPEG_TS: MPEG2, H.264 and HEVC ) as well as OTT returns (HLS, MPEG DASH) and display them side by side in same mosaic layout.
  • Performs up to 300+ probing tests including MPEG_TS, Video Quality, Audio Quality, Loudness, etc.
  • Performs SCTE Ad insertion trigger verification and validation
  • Monitors CC, Subtitles and other Ancillary data content
  • Same Product (same software and same hardware) can be used for playout and distribution applications
  • 2X100GE, upgradable to 4x100GE interfaces
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