Slide World's #1 Integrated Probing, Monitoring and Multiviewing software solution BUILDING MEDIA SYSTEMS IN THE CLOUD IP ACADEMY 2021 Why the cloud?

Series: Building Media Systems in the Cloud

Looking to build your media system in the cloud? Uncertain about the changing landscape and trying to make an informed, up to date decision regarding your next project?

Join Peter to understand the cloud 101:

- Learn what cloud technology can do for you today and at what cost

- Hear about the benefits, challenges and best practices for a cloud migration

- Look at real cloud installations that worked (and failed) and apply to your use case

Series Sessions

February 16th

Why the cloud?

March 16th

Is Cloud Technology There Yet?

April 13th

The Cloud Migration Challenge

May 13th

The Recipe to a Successful Cloud Migration

June 16th

Cloud Systems: A True Story

Peter Wharton

Director, Corporate Strategy

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