How MultiViewer Technology Has Changed: COTS hardware + software licenses (Video) - TAG Video Systems


Have you ever struggled with calculating how many MultiViewer inputs you have and how many tiles you could see? Are you finding this challenge even more difficult as you work with new events and an increasing number of inputs?

Dealing with such a high volume of inputs using a conventional MultiViewer solution would be a nightmare. But today’s IP software-based solutions are changing the game — making things simple again.

MultiViewer software handles inputs over IP using off-the-shelf hardware — a single server can handle the classic 25 tiles on a screen, or even 100. Use it for hundreds or thousands of channels, and the software still enables straightforward input management.

With COTS hardware and the MultiViewer license, you’re all set. You can stop calculating inputs and tiles, and just get the channels you need.

Find out which IP MultiViewer is the best fit for your operations — and kiss complexity goodbye.