TAG Video Systems Adds Support for CMAF Streaming Format | TAG Video Systems
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Benefits include lower cost, low latency and operational versatility

TAG has announced support for an additional streaming format that will provide technical, financial and operational benefits to customers. The format – Common Media Application Format (CMAF) – will
allow OTT customers to take advantage of more diverse platforms, simplified workflows, lower latency and
reduced cost, while adding flexibility and versatility to TAG’s software platform.

The Common Media Application Format (CMAF), the result of a collaboration between Microsoft and Apple, is an open, extensible standard that enables efficient streaming over the HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols. CMAF cuts costs, minimizes workflow complexity associated with delivering video online, and reduces latency – all crucial issues that content owners or broadcasters face while streaming live or on-demand content.
TAG also added support for Microsoft Smooth Streaming, a legacy hybrid media delivery method that acts like streaming but is based on HTTP progressive download.