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Mark your calendars, TAG’s IP Academy 2021 is taking you to the Cloud

TAG is continuing its popular webinar series with a full line up that addresses the hottest topics in the industry today. The world leader in 100% SW, 100% IP, 100% COTS/Cloud, Probing, Monitoring and Multiviewing solutions, for all four of the major broadcast applications (Live Production, Playout, Transport & Delivery, and OTT) has announced that its IP Academy’s Winter and Spring webinar lineup will tackle a topic on top of every broadcaster’s ‘want to know’ list. Five sessions have been scheduled focusing on the Cloud; a technology that is hotly debated as the world hurtles toward remote operation at breakneck speed.

“This webinar series, and other webinars to come, are defined by the needs of our clients and prospects” says Danna Mann, marketing director at TAG Video Systems, “TAG’s goal is to compile a repository of useful information that answers our most frequently asked questions, addresses common concerns, and allows us to share our experiences with the challenges our industry is facing. There is no better host for this series than Peter Wharton, a true visionary when it comes to cloud. Peter has been a pioneer, leading the charge to develop this revolutionary technology from the outset and personally responsible for the implementation of all types of cloud installations. This series will serve as a valuable vehicle for attendees to benefit from his in-depth knowledge.”

This series is a five-part journey that takes attendees on a tour of everything it takes to make an informed, up to date decision about building a media system in the cloud. Peter Wharton, TAG Director of Corporate Strategy and all-around cloud maven, leads a step-by-step discussion beginning with the basics and ending with examples of the best (and worst) real-life, use cases. Along the way attendees will learn how an evolving landscape led to the emergence of cloud technology, its benefits, costs, challenges, and best migration practices so they can decide if, or when, they are ready to make the  move.

Corporate Strategy director