Transitioning Sports Events Broadcaster to IP Video Multiviewer- VP Sales EMEA, Adi Itzhaki | TAG Video Systems
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“Last week I met with a TAG customer that broadcasts basketball and American football events.
The company was deciding whether to transition to IP video, and the CTO was concerned about
the challenges of setting up a new infrastructure and network, as well as a new multiviewer
I demonstrated how TAG’s software-based, 100% IP video solution is the best choice for a
smooth and easy shift to IP. The CTO was very interested in TAG’s 100 GB connectivity on the
network and the ability to mix and match compressed and uncompressed streams on a
Because TAG’s solution is software-based, we’re able to loan the system to customers so they
can see for themselves how powerful it is. The CTO set up a test using the company’s sources
and links, demonstrating how TAG’s solution can be deployed quickly and customized easily to
support broadcasters’ evolving needs.”