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TAG in the Cloud

Video processes in Cloud infrastructures are designing tomorrow's OTT flows

The Broadcast industry’s migration to all IP has presented it’s own unique challenges along with new many advantages.
As the industry marches forward, the cloud can be the next step for monitoring live production, playout and delivery.
TAG’s unique solution for content monitoring, can be deployed on any of the major cloud providers.

Webinar- Video Architecture on the Cloud

Golan Simani, Technical Lead for TAG V.S. Operations, joined our VP of Global Technical Operations, Ilan Torbaty — to cover the cloud info you need to know. You’ll also find out about implementing effective monitoring in the cloud — and how TAG’s Zer0 Friction model can make it easy.

Chosen Topics from the Cloud Webinar

Architecture: Testing stream flow and planning redundant streams and VMs

Network: Planning and Enhancement

Budget Planning: Instance types

Case Studies- Broadcast Applications in the Cloud

Learn from our experience with the workflows of real clients

Live Production


OTT Monitoring

OTT Monitoring

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The following guide outlines the calculated capacity of the supported AWS shared instances capable of running TAG’s Mutiviewer, probing and monitoring solution at AWS.