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TAG Video Systems Introduces Next Generation Approach for Media & Entertainment Industry to Deploy, Operate and Acquire Broadcast Technology

Live Production Multiviewer

OTT Monitoring

Webinar- The New Technologies You Need for IP Migration

TAG V.S. CTO and Founder Tomer Schechter will be joined by TAG VS Chief Architect Paul Briscoe to talk about which new IP-centric technologies are most promising for production and broadcast.

Webinar- Changing Your Facility Architecture on the Fly: The New IP World

Paul Briscoe and Pini Maron explain what it takes to plan the production facility of tomorrow: multi purpose control rooms architecture, inter-facility collaboration, asset maximization and much more.

Webinar- Live Production Multiviewing in the Cloud

Paul Briscoe and Ilan Torbaty cover technical requirements, common challenges, and the solutions being used to take full advantage of live production in the cloud.  Their presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

Webinar- The Business of IP: The profit behind your transition to IP

Abe Zerbib – CEO, and Kevin Joyce – Zer0 Friction Officer from TAG V.S. met to find out how to avoid paying for equipment that gets used half the time and get into the finances of supporting a variable mix of uncompressed, compressed, J2K, and OTT

Webinar- Video Architecture in the Cloud

Golan Simani, Technical Lead for TAG V.S. Operations, joined our VP of Global Technical Operations, Ilan Torbaty — to cover the cloud info you need to know. You’ll also find out about implementing effective monitoring in the cloud — and how TAG’s Zer0 Friction model can make it easy.

Video Architecture in the Cloud by Topics:

Architecture: Streaming flow and streams management

Case studies: Live Production, Playout and OTT

Budget Planning: Uptime importance

Network: Planning and Enhancement

Budget Planning: Frameworks

Designated Team & Topology Plannig

Testing stream flow, redundant streams and VMs

Budget Planning: Instance types

Webinar- The Benefits of the Zer0 Friction Technology, Business and Operations Approach

Operations Made Easy
(Zer0 Friction Webinar)

Maximizing Asset Utilization
(Zer0 Friction Webinar)

Zer0 Friction Technology
(Zer0 Friction Webinar)

Webinar- Top 5 Questions About IP Multiviewers: Bil Apker & Pini Maron

AWS Re:Invent Demonstrates the future with the TAG Multiviewer Solution

Gal Waldman, Product Manager at the Intercomms Panel- Large Telco Company Solution Introduced

Meet Our Team in Interviews

SVG 2020- Zer0 Friction: Abe Zerbib and Kevin Joyce

TAG's Approach to Operations Defines the Industry during COVID19

TAG CTO on TAG's Multiviewer solution with IABM


TAG CEO on the Multiviewer Solution

Abe Zerbib, CEO- Pre NABShowNY

TAG - Meet VP Sales EMEA, Adi Itzhaki

Kevin Joyce, TAG Zer0 Friction Officer

Kevin Joyce & IABM at IBC