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TAG Video Systems Introduces Next Generation Approach for Media & Entertainment Industry to Deploy, Operate and Acquire Broadcast Technology

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Series: The Road to OTT

Shortcut to Understanding OTT

While we might wish we could just push a television stream into the internet and have it work flawlessly, it’s not so simple… Paul will get into what's wrong with the internet from a media point of view and exactly what you need to know about OTT. watch for a shortcut to understanding OTT that will help you right now!

OTT, Technically Speaking

What pieces do you need to take today’s television and movie production and “turn it into” OTT? watch Paul Briscoe, TAG's Chief Architect to find out about the architecture of OTT, including the various elements needed, and how everything connects together.

OTT in Action

Watch to discover a whole lot more about the OTT business model, the real difference between VOD and live, and where we’re all headed. Paul has some real life examples and market data you will benefit from and you’ll take away OTT information you can use immediately.

Series: Building Media Systems in the Cloud

Why the Cloud?

Looking to build your media system in the cloud? Uncertain about the changing landscape and wondering how to weigh your business decision around cloud? Yes, there are a lot of cloud systems out there that cost way too much to run. But if you connect with people who really understand cloud economics, who are creating transformative solutions that leverage all the cloud has to offer, then you can fully realize all of the benefits of the cloud, including cost savings.

Is Cloud Technology There Yet?

Wondering if you’re ready for the cloud, or if it’s ready for you? “Is Cloud Technology There Yet?” offers answers to those questions and more. Peter Wharton, director of corporate strategy at TAG V.S., will examine ways that the cloud can enable your future live production workflow, and how you can ensure high reliability and low latency as you build and maintain that workflow. Peter will also share insights you can apply to leverage all the cloud has to offer.

The Cloud Migration Challenge

Peter Wharton, director of corporate strategy at TAG V.S., walks you through the stages of cloud migration. He will explore critical processes such as defining your business needs as a customer, identifying your requirements of your cloud vendor, and ensuring that all elements of your cloud-based workflow are properly orchestrated and running smoothly together.

The Recipe to a Successful Cloud Migration

Peter explains how to take a fresh look at your business and operations, and how starting where you want to end up can be the most effective place to begin thinking about your workflow in the cloud. You’ll learn more about tackling everything from the economic aspects of the shift to orchestration of cloud services and optimizing operations once you’re up and running.

Cloud Systems: A True Story

You’ve probably heard a lot about the general benefits of migrating to the cloud. This webinar goes deeper, digging into the details of three key use cases: playout, OTT, and live production and Esports. Peter Wharton, director of corporate strategy at TAG V.S., will take an in-depth look at each of these three use cases, giving you a clearing understanding of the vital ways in which the cloud can support workflows that are more agile, efficient, economical, and even more creative! The team at TAG V.S. has helped a wide variety of customers to take greater advantage of the cloud, and this webinar just might help you to understand the possibilities for your business.

Other Webinars

Selecting Monitors for Your Multiviewing Application

When you’re choosing monitors for your multiview system, what are the most important considerations? Broadcast vs. consumer monitors – which pitfalls to avoid? Matte, gloss, curved panels? When does a 4K or 8K monitor make sense? Calibration and color space mapping, and much more

Webinar- Multiviewing for Interlaced Video Formats​

Do you still have interlaced signals in your facility? Do you look forward to the day where it’s all progressive? If you want to hear about the best ways to handle interlace in the modern world, watch to join Tomer and Paul for a spirited discussion of fields, frames, and more.

TAG + Zixi: How to Monitor Your Video Over Public Internet- Live Demo

This webinar explores how TAG and Zixi's joint solution provides broadcasters and content distributors with a simplified system design that easily enables cloud-based applications, reduces costs, and allows for proactive monitoring and delivery of live video at scale. Learn how you can use the public internet to transport professional, reliable, high quality video signals with low latency.

Format Alphabet Soup – Pros and Cons of HLS, DASH, NDI, 2110…

As we all navigate the myriad formats out there – HLS, DASH, NDI, 2110, and more – a LOT of questions come up around the advantages and disadvantages of different formats, and which applications work best with particular formats. Does this resonate with you, too? Tomer and Paul demystify the format alphabet soup we are navigating daily. Paul shares his "umbrella" view of flows, formats, how they all tie together – from transport, to compression, to distribution.

TAG + Skyline: How to Get Control of Your OTT

Hosted by Paul Briscoe, chief architect at TAG V.S., and Thomas Gunkel, market director for broadcast at Skyline, the event explains how the integration of TAG V.S. probing, monitoring, and multiviewing software and Skyline’s DataMiner AI-powered network management, orchestration, and OSS platform dramatically expand your view of your system and how to keep OTT services running smoothly.

Latency in Live Production Multiviewing

If you are doing live production, watch this session where we bust the myths and tackle the challenges around live production multiviewing. You can listen to Tomer and Paul’s discussion around the latency that happens in a remote multiviewer display depending on transport (TS, HLS, Zixi). They reveal recommendations on what’s working now in live production and how you can best manage latency in your system.

Nouveaux mode'les de surveillance OTT

Avez-vous besoin d'un moyen intelligent de mettre en œuvre une surveillance efficace des services OTT? Si tel est le cas, vous aimerez peut-être notre prochain webinaire: «Nouveaux modèles de surveillance OTT: Les principaux défis liés à la surveillance de contenu OTT et les points de défaillance possibles, Quelles sont les principales solutions disponibles aujourd'hui?, Comment maximiser vos ressources existantes pour surveiller plus de canaux.

Monitoring in a Virtual Environment

Discover how to make your mosaic/multiviewer available from anywhere (even your home office!), Which protocols you need (and which to avoid) when moving streams from location to location and How to make your video resources accessible from anywhere, especially in today's environment. Gal and Ilan share recent systems and installation stories along with best practices for monitoring and alarming in a virtual IP environment. 

Playout New Cloud Multiviewing & Probing

Learn about new cloud probing and multiviewing models from two of our top experts — Paul Briscoe, Chief Architect and Peter Wharton, TAG Advisor. They have helped customers of all sizes to deploy cloud-based monitoring solutions, and you’ll learn about the technologies and workflows they established to tackle probing, monitoring, and multiviewing in the cloud, especially as it relates to playout.

Monitoring and Alarming in IP Systems

Watch to discover why monitoring is more important than ever in IP systems, how monitoring IP systems differs from traditional monitoring and what’s important to monitor and how. Paul and Alain share recent systems and installation stories along with best practices for monitoring and alarming in an IP environment. You’ll also hear about how TAG’s Zer0 Friction model takes the complexity out of your shift to IP.

The New Technologies You Need for IP Migration​

TAG V.S. CTO and Founder Tomer Schechter will be joined by TAG VS Chief Architect Paul Briscoe to talk about which new IP-centric technologies are most promising for production and broadcast

Changing Your Facility Architecture on the Fly: The New IP World

Paul Briscoe and Pini Maron explain what it takes to plan the production facility of tomorrow: multi purpose control rooms architecture, inter-facility collaboration, asset maximization and much more.

Webinar- Live Production Multiviewing in the Cloud

Paul Briscoe and Ilan Torbaty cover technical requirements, common challenges, and the solutions being used to take full advantage of live production in the cloud.  Their presentation is followed by a Q&A.

Webinar- The Business of IP: The profit behind your transition to IP

Paul Briscoe- Chief Architect, and Kevin Joyce - Zer0 Friction Officer from TAG V.S. met to find out how to avoid paying for equipment that gets used half the time and get into the finances of supporting a variable mix of uncompressed, compressed, J2K, and OTT

Webinar- The Benefits of the Zer0 Friction Technology, Business and Operations Approach

Operational Agility
(Zer0 Friction Webinar)

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Maximizing Asset Utilization
(Zer0 Friction Webinar)

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Multi Functional Technology
(Zer0 Friction Webinar)

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Our Team in Action: Interviews, Panels and Casual Chats

SMPTE Toronto Conference 2021- Leveraging Cloud Scalability

SMPTE Toronto Conference 2021- Can a Hardware Company become a Software Company?

SMPTE Toronto Conference 2021- An OTT Primer

SMPTE Toronto Conference 2021- Migrating Linear Media Workflows into the Cloud

Peter Wharton on Shifting Operations to the Cloud

Peter Wharton and Ken Kerschbaumer discuss why shifting operations to the cloud is more of a business decision than a technical one, how to make the move in a way so that you don’t disrupt your business, and how sports content creators can make the move as efficiently as possible.

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IBC 2020- Content Supply Chain Virtual Tour

Led by Ralph Cochrane, a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, this programme is designed for executives working in content management who want to learn more efficient ways of managing and preparing content.

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TAG's Approach to Operations Defines the Industry

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TAG CTO on TAG's Multiviewer solution with IABM

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Gal Waldman, Chief Product Officer at the Intercomms Panel- Large Telco Company Solution Introduced

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AWS Re:Invent Demonstrates the future with the TAG Multiviewer Solution

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IABM Darren Whitehead and TAG Chief Architect chat about Remote Production

Darren Whitehead from the IABM and Paul Briscoe, TAG Chief Architect, are discussing all the right question. Watch to learn what formats and protocols you’ll need to know for remote production, and what you can do to prepare today for any change in your work environment.

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TAG - Meet VP Sales EMEA, Adi Itzhaki

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Kevin Joyce, TAG Zer0 Friction Officer

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Kevin Joyce & IABM at IBC

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