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Guide- OTT Quality of Service Monitoring with Zer0 Compromise

To maintain high quality of experience for their customers, operators need a way to monitor hundreds—sometimes thousands—of channels without compromising real-time error detection. In most cases, the immense scale of their service offerings makes continual visual monitoring of all streams impossible. Fortunately, as operational workflows across the media industry have evolved to look more like true IP or IT workflows, it has become evident that the presence of errors across the delivery chain can be determined with sophisticated software solutions that minimize the need for human intervention.

Guide: Optimizing Playout in IP-Based Workflows

All  video applications can benefit from software-based IP multiviewing, monitoring, and probing running on COTS software. Looking specifically at IP-based playout operations, the report covers topics including: Essential format support and how it brings flexibility to playout operations, Strategies for establishing effective probing for signals passing through playout, Critical requirements for ensuring interoperability and simplifying management, Scaling infrastructure to match evolving processing requirements.

Essential Guide: The Liberation Of Broadcast Technology

For many years broadcasters have been working with static systems that are difficult to change and upgrade. Although we have video and audio routing, the often-tangled mess of jackfield patch-cords is testament to how flexible broadcast systems really need to be to meet the demands of modern program making.

Essential Guide: Software COTS For Real Time Broadcast

Imagine you could easily manage SMPTE 2110, JPEG 2k, and H.264 all within the same software? What if you could use
off the shelf hardware to deploy multiple applications (Probing, Monitoring & Multiviewing) with the scalability and flexibility that you define. When and where you need it. After 11 years of deploying over 50,000 channels of 100% software on 100% COTS in 100% IP for the global leaders in broadcast and media, we have gotten used to the skepticism. So we decided to go deeper than we have ever been before. Dive inside the code
and inside the hardware.

TAG & Skyline Dataminer Integration Walk-through

This presentation will explain how the integration of TAG V.S. probing, monitoring, and multiviewing software and Skyline’s DataMiner AI-powered network management, orchestration, and OSS platform dramatically expand your view of your system and how to keep OTT services running smoothly. Together, the TAG & Skyline technologies offer unprecedented visibility at breadth and depth only you can define.

Report: Achieving Low Latency in 100% Software IP for Live Production

Learn how fully software-based solution running on COTS hardware can help you take best advantage of SMTPE ST 2110 and your IP infrastructure. In this report you’ll find topics like: the characteristics of SMPTE ST 2110 that challenge COTS hardware,  the three key challenges to implementing ST 2110 in software, the ways software solutions are overcoming these challenges

Guide: 7 Tips for Building the Cloud Video Architecture You Need

While video architecture in the cloud can bring you many benefits, the migration to the cloud can be complex. If you’re looking for ways to minimize risk and ensure you get the most out of cloud-hosted infrastructure, check out our guide “Building the Cloud Video Architecture You Want and Need.”
Looking back over years of experience with video and the cloud, our top engineers put together seven pro tips that can save you time, money, and frustration.